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Welcome to! This is your one-stop source dedicated to the subject of eating healthy meals every three hours.

Who can benefit from this site?

Everyone looking for information regarding healthy eating will benefit from reading the articles located on this site. Even if you choose not to eat every three hours, there is still plenty of information that you can incorporate into your own diet to help you get the physical results that you desire.

The beauty of this diet is that it is customized for YOU! It does not matter if your physical goals are to lose/gain weight, have more energy or train for an athletic event, eating every three hours can be easily tailored to meet your needs.

Who is James Lemoine II?

I’m a thrity-something single father living in Meridian, Idaho that works as a software engineer for a major technology company. Once upon a time in the not-so-distant past, I was an obese man that decided to make significant changes to my lifestyle.  

I started on my adventure not only to change my physical body, but to change my entire mindset on how I view food and nutrition in general. While healthy eating was only a piece of the puzzle toward my physical transformation, it continues to be a fundamental part of enhancing my overall health.

Learning to eat every three hours and transitioning to this new lifestyle was much more difficult than I originally thought. While I followed the instructions and advice from others that advocated this diet, there was much I had to figure out on my own in order to incorporate it into my day-to-day life.

My goal with this website is to freely share my knowledge of nutrition and scheduled eating. By helping others I can hold myself accountable to my readers by practicing what I preach and never returning to my unhealthy ways. By providing useful articles I also wish to expand my knowledge of nutrition, as there seems to be no shortage of information on the topic.

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Email: james -at- eateverythree -dot- com

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