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Top Excuses to Avoid Eating Every Three Hours

Posted by James on Sep 25th, 2008 and filed under Lifestyle. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

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Eating every three hours can be a hectic venture to the recently initiated. As a result, it’s not difficult for people to find excuses to jump off the bandwagon before the diet can become habit. Coming up with excuses to try something new is not uncommon. People seem to want something for nothing. In reality, you can’t achieve results for free. You must put forth some effort.

Many of the problems with this diet revolve around scheduling and eating. The excuses for these problems are easy to resolve. Let’s take a look at the most common excuses I have come across in my travels.

I Don’t Need to Eat Every Three Hours

If you have energy throughout the day, you are never hungry between meals, you are comfortable with your weight, and then maybe you are right. You don’t need to eat every three hours. However, if you are like most people maybe you should rethink your position. There are many reasons to begin eating every three hours.

I Don’t Have the Time

Really? You don’t have 10-15 minutes? You are in the habit of taking your time in order to feel full and/or enjoy the experience of eating. That makes sense if don’t eat for another five or six hours. It does not take long to eat a meal when properly motivated. You don’t want it to take your time. You don’t want to waste much time when eating every three hours, or you will be doing nothing but eating.

I’m sure you can find 10-15 minutes to eat a quick meal. Take a break. In the time you would have spent chatting to a friend or smoking a cancer-stick you could have eaten a small meal.

If you really don’t have a little time, you may have larger problems with your schedule. Consider managing your time differently. The internet is full of great time management tools. Steve Pavlina also provides information on time management systems that are easy to implement.

Look at it this way; you are not spending more time eating when eating every three hours. You are just taking your original 30 minute meals and cutting them in half so they are less than 15 minutes. So there. No excuses.

My Work is Too Busy

This is a common excuse, and probably the most valid. In my opinion, a busy job only makes it difficult, but not impossible, to eat at specific times on your planned schedule. There is room for flexibility when eating every three hours. I understand there will always be days when time cannot be made to eat a quick meal. On the other hand, you must make time for something as important as your health and achieving your goals.

If you take a smoke break at work, ”I’m too busy” is not a valid excuse. Eating your meal is far more productive than destroying your lungs.

Take a shorter lunch break. This may not be applicable to all jobs. You don’t need an hour lunch break. Shorten it up and take 15 minutes earlier in the day and another 15 later in the day. You are still only taking an hour off but spreading it out. That also is a good reason to justify eating extra meals to your boss.

If you are actively thinking about when to eat your next meal when work is busy, I’m sure that you can find the time on most days. Most jobs allow for small breaks or lulls in the schedule.

I Can’t Eat That Much

Perhaps, but I have some good tips to help with this problem.

I’m Not Hungry

If you’re not hungry, that is a good thing. Why go through the misery of being hungry? It’s a dreadful feeling. Why not eat and prevent hunger before it happens?

If you feel like you are still full from eating the previous meal, you might fall in the “I Cannot Eat That Much” category.

I Don’t Have a Microwave at Work

Bummer. Then you need to create meals that don’t require a microwave. There’s nothing wrong with a cold lunch.

My Family Will Not Eat Every Three Hours

Family can be tough. When your spouse or significant other does not eat every three hours it can be very difficult to maintain the schedule. If you have a job, then half (or more) of your meals will be eaten away from your family, so it should not be such a big deal. Your family will appreciate if you can schedule one of your meals to coincide with a family meal.

As with anything else in life, you will not be successful in any endeavor without the support of your spouse, and perhaps the rest of your family. You need to talk with them about your goals and the reasons behind your diet plan. Ask for Demand their support.

I Can’t Afford to Eat Every Three Hours

Eating natural and healthy food can be expensive, but it does not have to be that way. There are ways to limit your grocery expenses when on a diet such as ours.

There you have it. Remember, it takes time to form the habit. Difficulties that you may run into when starting a new diet will go away with a little common sense, effort and time. Just give the diet, and you, a chance to succeed. You will not regret eating healthy.

What excuses do you have (or use to have) to avoid eating every three hours?

9 Responses for “Top Excuses to Avoid Eating Every Three Hours”

  1. Hi James,

    I followed your link over from BFFM. As a newbie to eating every three hours I really enjoyed this article and intend to go back and look at your internal links as well.

    My biggest challenge is getting off schedule by staying up late then getting up late which wreaks havoc with the next days plans.

    My “best excuse” makes me laugh, it’s “I forgot” I mean geez, 3 hours comes around so fast!!

    Thanks for the ideas!


  2. Avihu says:

    Hi James
    my biggest challenge is consistency
    I know that this is the key for success in any endeavor one takes on.
    Even though I know that you are pointing mr in the right direction I will follow your advice for a while and than forget about it and go to my default behavior
    Any suggestion please

  3. It is interesting that most often excuse is “I do not have time”.
    This is the root of all other things.

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  5. Glorilee says:

    Every Monday I take my “snacks” to work so I don’t ever have an excuse; examples: box of heart healthy instant oatmeal, box granola bars, sugar free puddings (no need to refrigerate), small apples and tangerines, etc…
    Save me the time of ‘preparing’ every meal every three hours….yummy!

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